Wednesday, May 13, 2009

File 13

wtb more Ulduar trash.  

I know, you think I'm crazy.  You think I hit my head in a freak accident slipping on a banana peel.  You think I was kidnapped by clowns (not the sad hobo kind, but the creepy happy ones).  And you might be right.  (Not about the clowns; I'd remember being surrounded by big red noses and bright orange hair.)

I guess I should be more specific.  Because in many places there is too much trash.  Is it really necessary to have quite so many freaking flowers in Freya's room?  We get it.  She's a tree hugger.  Can't she just hug the inanimate kind and not so flipping many of the mean flowers.  You know, on the few occasions people have sent me flowers, none of them attacked me and 24 of my best friends.  I'm just saying.

There's also a few too many worms.  I like finding the occasional worm hiding under a rock (or snow drift) just as much as the next computer nerd.  But I don't really need to have those same 24 best friends flying into said drifts and bringing back so many wriggly pals.  One or two, sure.  I'm only asking for a little moderation, here; I'm not discriminating against the no-peds.  

The place I would like to see more trash (just a tad, mind you) is from Assembly of Iron to Auriaya.  And I fully admit that I'd like to see this change purely for selfish reasons.  You see, I often (not all the time because Srom rocks, and even Blue is stepping up to do his share) keep track of our raid points and loot during raids.  And when I do, I generally load the loot immediately after a boss kill and then reload my UI to update the ingame whisper mod that allows people to check their point balance.  My computer is a bit slow to load.  So this process takes a little while.  In addition to running the RP system, I also normally make the healing assignments.  And despite the use of a couple of different mods, I haven't been able to make that quite as simple as I'd like.

I need more trash to have time to do everything.

That's not too much to ask, right?  Just a few more mobs.  They can be simple mobs.  You can even name them "Slowtams" or something.  I'm not that picky.  

I just wtb more trash.

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