Monday, January 5, 2009

Healing (Normal) Naxxramas - Part 2

Military Quarter

Instructor Razuvius
Bottom Line: The first boss in the Death Knight wing is fairly easy to heal. Two of your raid members will be using the mind control crystals to control the students. These two adds will trade off tanking the boss. Once your "tanks" have the hang of using Bone Shield and Taunt at the right times, these adds will be pretty easy to keep up. I bounce chain heals off the boss's current target to take care of any random damage your melee might take. You will also want to chain heal the ranged pretty often since the entire raid takes moderate damage (about 4k) every 15 seconds or so. The boss will also toss a Jagged Knife at a player that hurts. Use Riptide or Lesser Healing Wave to top them up.

Gothik the Harvester
Phase One: Your raid will split into two groups and position yourselves on either side of the center gate. The side you enter from is the "Live Side" and the one through the gate is the "Undead Side." Once the encounter is started, mobs appear on the Live Side first. Once they die, they reappear on the Undead Side and have to be killed again.

This phase starts out slow, but gets quite hectic by the end. The damage on each side will be random, but manageable. Just stay aware of your surroundings and be ready to hit any untanked mobs with Wind Shock if they start to head your way.

Phase Two: Gothik himself enters the fight and bounces between the Live Side and Undead Side. When he hits 30 percent, the gate opens and the raid can finish him off quickly.

Bottom Line: Don't get complacent with the slow pace of Phase One--it will pick up and inattention could prove deadly.

The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen must all be tanked simultaneously and kept in their separate corners to avoid getting too many debuffs of any one kind on the raid. Once the pull is made, each of the horsemen/women head to a different corner.

Front Side: The front side (closest to the door you enter from) will have two traditional tanks. One healer should be sufficient for each tank. The group (including the healer) stacks fairly close together in their respective corners and moves with the tanks to the exchange point in the center. The tanks switch targets and drag the new mob back to the same corner the group was in before. The switches happen when the tanks get three stacks of the debuff. After one mob dies, a healer and tank will be freed up and can move to the back to dps the remaining mobs. They should not follow the mob back to the other corner or the debuff will stack too high.

Back Side: The back side will most likely be tanked by non-traditional tanks such as a moonkin, hunter or elemental shaman. We often use an unholy death knight, but your group may vary depending on raid composition. One healer (someone who can efficiently heal two tanks at once) should stand on the platform dancing from side to side to avoid getting too many debuffs and moving out of the black circles of death. Our resto druid fulfills this job.

Bottom Line: I am usually assigned to the front side and the corner that the meteor boss runs to (I think of it as the left side from where you enter the room). I use chain heal to top up the group after the meteor hits. It's a slightly chaotic fight, but as long as you watch your debuff count and stick with your group, it isn't that hard.

Construct Quarter

Bottom Line: This is a fight where healing everyone is BAD. Your heals should be focused on the main tank or the hateful strike tank. I know it hurts to see melee be at half health, but if you don't want them to be dead, you will learn to leave them there. Your melee should be dancing in and out of the goo to drop their health below that of the hateful strike tank so that they do not get one-shot. I will occasionally throw a very small heal on one of them that is getting too low, but for the most part my job is to keep the main tank and the other guy with the most health at full health. Earth Shield + Glyphed Lesser Healing Wave is perfect for this fight.

Bottom Line: Don't dispel the disease. Ever. Grobbulus will place a disease on one person in the raid who must run to the designated area (for us, this is against the wall slightly behind where he is currently being tanked, so that the tank and melee will not be going through the clouds) and then run back to the group after they drop their poison cloud. Heal them up, but do NOT dispel the disease. Ever. Other than that, your main tank will be moving around the room dragging the big guy who will also be dropping poison clouds under himself. Keep the tank and melee alive. Your off tank will be tanking slime guys that spawn occasionally. It's a pretty easy healing fight, but don't get tunnel vision and forget to run to the wall if you get the disease. The disease that you do not dispel. Ever.

Phase One: Your entire raid will drop down into his room together and the tank will move the big guy to the back of the room. Two tanks are going to taunt back and forth because he puts a debuff on them that decreases healing received by 10% per application. It can stack up to 10 times. I'm no math whiz...but 10 times 10 is 100; and reducing healing received by 100% equals dead tank. A third tank type person (or kiter) will pick up zombies that spawn and keep them from running to the boss. These zombies also put a debuff on the person they hit increasing damage taken by 100 per application. This stacks up to infinity it feels like, although I think it only goes to 99. We have a Death Knight gather them up, which requires some intensive healing on him by the end. Other groups kite them around.

Phase Two: Gluth uses an ability called Decimate that reduces the health of everything around him to 5% maximum health. Quickly heal up the tanks before chain healing the raid. The raid will be killing the zombies to keep them from reaching Gluth. Any zombie that he eats will heal him by 5% of his maximum health. Healing your party is good. Letting Gluth heal is not.

Bottom Line: Our strat (with the Death Knight tanking the zombies) is pretty healing intensive, but doable. Our group doesn't usually include anyone that can effectively kite them. If you do have a "tank" on the zombies, be aware that by the decimate he will be taking massive damage. Also, it is unlikely that the zillions of debuffs will disappear before the next zombies appear, so you'll have to work pretty hard to keep him alive, as well as the two tanks switching aggro on the boss.

Phase One: Your raid will split into two groups, half going to the left platform and half going to the right. The mobs on the platforms must die at the same time. In addition, they toss the tanks during this phase, which means that you need to pay attention to which one currently is on your platform (meaning have distance fading enabled). Neither of these mobs do a ton of damage to the raid, just keep the tanks topped up and wait for the mobs to die simultaneously.

Phase Two: After the mobs die, you will jump from the platform to the ledge at the back of the room. Make the jump. If you don't, it's a long run back and everyone will notice that you missed. (If you do miss, blame it on lag.) After a few seconds of fighting Thaddius he will put a charge on everyone in the group that increases the damage you deal if you stack the same debuff. Run to your charge's designated area. Our group places positive charges near the green goo and negative charges up against the wall. After you are situated with people who have the same charge as you, heal and dps if you can fit it in without letting the raid die.

Bottom Line: This fight is a dps race and requires that you pay attention. Periodically the boss will change the charge on people and you do not want to be in the wrong area or you will blow up yourself and others. Your charge will not always change, so pay attention and don't just randomly run when a charge is called. We make sure everyone runs counter clockwise (to the right) during charge changes so that no one blows up.


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