Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to Win Friends and...or not

Ok, so here's another of those real life posts where I rant about my life even though I know this is supposed to be a WoW blog. I promise that I have something WoW related planned for weekend writing, but today I just have to explain the "boss man say wha?" kind of week I've had. (Yes, I've seen Hannah Montana, wanna make something of it?)

I work in a professional office. Lawyers abound, support staff everywhere, all that stuff. This week has seen the arrival of a new lawyer, we'll call him Lawyer D, and next week Attorney E will start work on Monday. Now, Lawyer D took the only office that was available, so the powers that be had to find a way to open up an office for Attorney E. Assistant 1 had an office that was just perfect. So they have moved Assistant 1 and Helper 2 to two desks previously occupied by Secretary 3 and Admin 4. This made sense because Assistant 1 and Helper 2 both work on the same cases and being in the same area will make things easier. Secretary 3 went to an empty desk in the basement which is fine since she is the newest employee. She can live over the smell.

The making sense stops now...

Admin 4 didn't get Helper 2's now empty desk, instead she is moving to where Aide 5 had been sitting and Aide 5 is taking Helper 2's desk. Clerk 6 and Typist 7 are switching places as well. So, on the support staff side, 7 people have been displaced in order to empty one office.

You'd think that would be enough, right? And Attorney E would move into Assistant 1's office and call it a day. Wrong.

Prosecutor C is taking Assistant 1's office, and Attorney E is moving into Prosecutor C's vacated office on Monday. Counselor A is switching offices with Esquire B. Of all these moves, only Prosecutor C is getting more room and a better location. Esquire B is getting a decent location (damnit I didn't want to move!) but the office isn't any larger. Counselor A (me) got screwed.

In order to get Attorney E an office, 10 people have moved.

And we're supposed to ensure that justice is efficient...


  1. Wow. I didn't realize it was that complicated play musical chairs! "Hey, when the music starts, everyone grab alllll your crap, and move until the music stops! That'll be your new office!"

  2. Well, I don't know about you, but I think it's great that (what seems like) a whole day was spent moving people around so one person can be happy, instead of taking care of court cases! Gotta love our justice system right?