Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now that's what I call dedication!

Swimsuit? check
Sunscreen? check
Camera? check

WoW WTF and AddOns folders? check

I'm leaving for a week-long vacation tomorrow. After work I will finish packing for my trip to Dallas, load up my car with all the things I cannot possibly live without for ten days, and drive two hours to the airport. This week I have found myself doing all the normal pre-trip activities: putting off loads of laundry (must take it to the laundromat tomorrow...cannot delay any longer), charging my iPod and digital camera, finishing up last minute preparations at work, and getting a haircut. Those activities are normal, right?

But tonight after our raid (I do not suck as a rogue, damnit! It is NOT my fault we cannot kill RoS when I'm not on my priest. ::stab stab::) I had to do one more thing before I was ready to leave. I disconnected my special keypad and saved my WTF and AddOns folder onto a new thumb drive purchased specifically for this purpose. And now I find myself asking whether that makes me dedicated...or addicted.

I plan to raid on Monday night from my best friend's house (and most likely on her computer since I cannot afford a laptop that can handle more than one window open at a time--much less run WoW). And rather than suffer through reconfiguring her mods to my satisfaction, or--shudder--using the default interface, I'm taking all of my settings on my snazzy red thumb drive. I think this just makes me dedicated, not addicted. But I also think I may be slightly delusional. Sigh.

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