Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallow's End!

I think it's funny that I get way more into World of Warcraft's Hallow's End celebrations than I ever do into Halloween. Don't get me wrong; I think munchkins in costumes are as cute as the next gal, but since none of those munchkins are mine, I don't live near the niece and nephew versions, and my town is scary enough on a normal night, it's really not my scene. So today I celebrated by eating cookies with orange icing, munching on some off-brand chips, and drinking the next to last cold Dr. Pepper at our office party. It was good times. Only the front office lady dressed up, but that was actually one costume too many. Seriously, she works at the DA's office and she dressed up as a vampire, complete with white make-up and fake blood drips by her mouth. Scary. But not in a good way. Other than that it was business as usual.

When I got home I finished The Last Days, the sequel to Peeps by Scott Westerfeld. Vampires that are really just suffering from parasites. Weird, but appropriate for October 31, I guess. Then I went and killed trolls in ZA--ok, I was not actually responsible for the death of any troll, but I healed those who were. No good loot for me except the 18 mp5 trinket off Hex Lord. But I got some more badges and proved to myself and a few more guildies that I won't suck at this heal thing. Oh, then I got asked about my attitude and Sunwell Raids. Honest answer to that question is, "Um, if there is anyone else online, at all, no matter how bad their gear, or how much they suck, take them over me." But what I said was, "If you need me I'll go." I'm such a patsy.

Wonder if it's too late for the vampire lady to bite me before Monday's raid? Just a thought....

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