Saturday, November 1, 2008


I don't really have that much to say today, but here's a list of the projects I'm working on.
  • I started leveling my 65 human pally again today. Mostly just going around doing the Trick or Treat quests. She gets 5500 xp per inn, which isn't bad at all. She went from only a little way into level 65 up to about half. I still need to ride around Outland and finish those before I put her away again. I'm telling myself that even though I could get her to 70 by November 13, doesn't mean I should. I shouldn't, right? Right. Totally not going to level her before the expansion.
  • I'm working on updating our guild's Code of Conduct and policies for Wrath of the Lich King. The Officer's forum on our website has been pretty active lately as we try to figure out what new rules we're implementing and any other changes we need to make. I've finished most of the basic stuff, but I still need to work on a few policies for raiding. Unfortunately, making time to do it is harder than you'd think. When I'm at work people think I should actually, you know, work. And when I'm at home, I'm either playing WoW, reading, or doing any number of other things. Nose to the grindstone tomorrow, I promise. Well, I sorta promise. I want popcorn. So I'm planning on a trip to see Zack and Miri (provided I can find my debit card in my car--don't ask).
  • I'm reading a teen-fiction book by Mette Ivie Harrison called The Princess and the Hound. So far I like it and can't tell where it is going to the degree that I normally can. That's a plus as long as it doesn't go somewhere weird.
  • While searching for the link (and figuring out how to make it a link) at Amazon, I found out Gail Carson Levine wrote something new. Memo to self to pick it up next time I'm in the "big town." Too bad that won't be for a few weeks at least. Silly small town with no good bookstores.
  • I should really get a mousepad for my laptop. Is it wrong to use a Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book for a mousepad?
Hmm. Looks like I had more to say than I thought. Back to the book now.

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