Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can I keep him?

I took some time to enjoy the Argent Dawn offensive today. I don't like the crowds surrounding these kinds of events, and I usually steer clear of them when they are introduced, so this was really my first all out assault on the crystals. I started out the day by testing my new elemental spec in the Burning Steppes since I needed to see if it would be more fun than the ill-conceived hybrid build I tried yesterday. I managed to kill enough undead to damage the crystal, pick up various pairs of pants (2 plate, 1 leather, 1 mail), and almost convince myself that leveling elemental wouldn't be that bad. My priestly buddy offered to come help me with the elites. We quickly discovered that a holy priest who forgets to heal--thanks for fessing up on the corpse run, Mase, your bad indeed--and a spastic elemental shaman was a painful combination for disrupting the summoning rituals. So bad in fact, that I ended up hearthing and respeccing enhancement before we finished. That went better, even with two fellow alliance players griefing us. I managed to get enough shards to buy gloves, shoulders, a tabard, and a pocket pally. Also, I am now able to throw the book at someone in WoW as well as in court!

I think it's pretty clear that I'll be leveling with the aid of Maelstrom Weapon and Feral Spirit. Mase will just have to heal any instances we do; I'm not giving up my cuddly ghost wolves.

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