Saturday, November 8, 2008

Confused...So Confused

I wish I could level my shaman to 80 by healing other people--after all I did it with my priest in TBC (/shudder)--but I don't think that it is feasible to torture myself for the sake of tradition. So I'm going to spend the weekend trying to determine which route I want to go as I level--the "I could heal if my priestly friend isn't around" route or the "just let me bash it 'till it's dead" route. I started off with a mix of the two tonight, and although I killed enough of the scourge invasion guys to get the Argent Dawn Tabard achievement, I don't think the indecisive route worked well at all. Things died, but they didn't die fast and it wasn't that much fun making them dead. And since I plan on making a lot of things dead starting next Thursday, I think it should be both fast and fun. Back to the drawing board...

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