Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Middle of the Pack

The first person to hit 80 in my guild did so on Sunday night. He was not the first person to hit 80 on my server, or even the first druid, but it's still an accomplishment within our guild. Since then, a handful of others have had the big ding. For some reason many of our druids have reached 80 more quickly than the rest of us. A retribution paladin also joins their ranks.

I'm perfectly happy to be in the second wave. I don't feel like I've rushed and I'm enjoying the journey. I've started a Death Knight, gained almost a level on my Shadow Priest while helping my best friend in Borean Tundra, and even took a little time off last night. Despite all those distractions, I hit 78 tonight in The Storm Peaks (thanks for making me miss Colorado, Blizz). I do want to be the first Shaman in our guild to hit 80. And right now, I'm ahead by a couple of levels. I'm competitive, but I don't have to be first in this.

I have friends, though, who do. The first mage on our server is someone I met my first week playing WoW. Before I fully understood how to reply to whispers or use emotes, this male human /licked me and struck up a conversation. We spent hours that night questing together and getting to know each other. For the most part, we've been friends ever since. He's proud of his accomplishment, and I am glad for him. I understand why he wanted to rush through for the achievement and to be one of the first to step into the level 80 raids, but I don't want to emulate him. I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand why I am happy to be in the middle of the pack. But that's ok, too.

My guild will push into Naxx soon enough, and I will be ready to help lead the way. But for now, I'm enjoying my spot in the middle of the pack. Although if another shaman starts to edge ahead, I'll probably rethink that.


  1. So what have you to say about us weaklings that lag behind?

  2. The only weaklings in wow are the horde/alliance that just ganked you, priests that spam Prayer of Healing and then demand multiple Innervates, and Resto Shaman who die 3 or more times per fight. :) Leveling at your own pace definitely doesn't make you a weakling.