Thursday, November 13, 2008

mmm Northrend

Quick updates only tonight.
  • Even kinda scary Wal-marts are ethical. Mine wouldn't sell me my copy until 12:02. I stood in line with a couple who had driven over 60 miles to pick it up, a truckdriver who plays it as a way to keep in touch with his son, and a mother buying it for her son because WoW is better than being a drug addict. Fun stuff.
  • My desktop didn't get the right vibes from the dvd the first time I tried to install. I couldn't get the disk to read for a while, and ended up loading it on my laptop first. When I went to load it on the desktop for the second time, planning to use some of the work arounds listed on the tech support forums, it worked just fine. Weird.
  • I made it almost halfway to 71 last night just from the planned quest turn ins and a few quick quests that I felt compelled to do as I roamed around Borean Tundra.
  • I'm still not 71, but I'm close. Tomorrow I'll go at it more systematically. Tonight was all about fun and exploring.
  • Impressions so far: it rocks. The turtle-boats are way cool. I rode through Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills and cannot wait to actually quest there. The server was stable, and I didn't experience much lag. And Howling Fjord has a awesome is that?
Time to sleep now. I'll write more soon...although I make no promises that it will be any more coherent than this post.

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