Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Great Mailbox Mutiny of 2008

The servers have been down all day, and as one of the government employees off work today, it has been slightly frustrating waiting to see when they will have the problems fixed. The word is that a glitch in the mail system caused the extended maintenance. I guess all the dancing hi-jinks finally overtaxed them to the point that they refused to give up the goods.

I didn't really have that much planned for today other than doing a few dailies for gold, so I'm not as upset as many of my guildies. I know a few people who were counting on the extra time for last minute leveling. One guildy wanted to work on his shaman that he is trying to get to 70 before Thursday, and another was planning to get his mage to 55. Our guild had also scheduled our last BT clear for 7:30 server time. We've never seen the glaives drop, so we were hoping tonight would be the night. Since it is now 9:45 server time with no end to the server lock out in sight, it looks like the legendary loot will continue to elude us.

Oh well, maybe we'll get the first orange weapons in WotLK.

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