Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'll be out of town this weekend "getting cultured" as my father would say. I could never decide whether that meant growing mold or being bored. One of my nieces (I have 4) is a ballerina dancing in The Nutcracker this weekend. I would be failing as an aunt if I didn't mention that she is Clara this year--which is one of the reasons why I an flying to Texas to see her dance. I'll be hanging out with most of my family and experiencing a once in a lifetime (probably) moment in my niece's life. I'll also be cuddling my new nephew as much as I can and playing with the toddler in the house. (My brother and his wife are all about the adorable children.) I'm looking forward to it, even if it is just a quick weekend trip and will be over way too soon.

Oh...and the picture is not my niece. My niece is much cuter.

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  1. Wish it was easier to comment :( I wish this were a conversation - I feel like I'm listening to you and I'd love to talk back lol but that's no surprise. Enjoying the content.