Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So maybe I won't quit

The last few weeks of raiding have been rather painful for me. Admittedly, I have not been able to commit the time to getting gear upgrades that I'd like to, but beyond that.... I've just felt lost since hitting 80. I'm not good at researching (and I do try.) I read several forums and such and tried several specs and spell rotations. All resulting in me be the the last or close to the last of the dpsers in raid. Now, don't get me wrong, I will never be topping the charts, but in BC I had pulled myself to a mid-ranged decent spot that I was proud of for me (mom of 2 little ones and works full time.)

Since hitting 80 blah - so I started questioning, should I quit raiding? Why do I raid? I'm not doing well and really feeling stressed. Well the simple answer is Tam and my husband. If I don't raid, I really don't play with them much at all and they are the reason I play WOW in the first place. Raiding with them is well worth rushing to feed and bathe my kids and get them ready for bed and then trying to put them to bed during a reset.

So I didn't get in the raid Monday and I was really, really ok with that. I logged on after my kids went to bed to just quest and mess around while everyone was raiding and lucky me, my old warlock friend/god logged on and asked how life was treating me. Now I could have asked him for help a long time ago, but I feel guilty like I'm using him or something. But I mention that my dps was the stink and he jumps right on helping me. He respecs me, replaces some glyphs, makes me a great cloak (I provide mats,) tells me what gems to replace, and tells me what to be working on getting from heroics and badges. Then we go hit the training dummies to work on rotations and see the improvements. I saw a huge improvement and I'm really excited to raid soon. If you raid with me, don't expect me to top the charts, that's won't happen, but maybe you won't be saying to yourself, "aww poor Marnas, she really sucks" or "why is Marnas here, she's no help." Maybe I will actually be helping.

So if you are reading this and you are one of those brilliant people that "gets" WOW, help us noobs out when you can. I honestly try and apply what I read and such, but sadly it takes a leet lock actually looking at me and telling me what to do to improve me. And for that - I could kiss him! Well a virtual kiss anyway. :) It was one of the best Christmas gifts someone could have given me.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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  1. Aww that IS a good Christmas gift :)! I won't stop trying to raid if you don't. Hope you had a good one <3!