Thursday, December 18, 2008

So to continue this awesome thread!

First love this concept.......

So lets continue on using Twilight, or more precisely, Breaking Dawn.

Edward - tough one, Death Knight I suppose - dark side but tries to do good

Bella - Pally of course with the awesome bubble hearth

Jasper - undead priest (mind control options)

Alice - so here's a tough one - maybe a druid since she can do such a variety of things but looks quite innocent

Esme - innkeeper - the cheery women ones

Carlise - holy priest

Rosalie - well night elf for the bod and I guess hunter for the damage

Emmett - Tank

Jacob - Shaman for the healing abilities, and of course "ghost wolf"

Charlie - the guards walking around IF "keepin' the peace"

Mike, Angela, Jessica etc - folks in inn looking oblivious and happy

Think that's it - I'm not as good at this as Tam - but I did try to add a picture. hehehe


  1. Am I the only one that thinks that Jasper--Texas native, Confederate soldier, kick ass newborn trainer Jasper--wouldn't be caught dead (or un) with the hairdo they gave him in the movie?

  2. Completely agree! Southern gentlemen/tough guy doesn't equal curly long hair.