Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Now With More Valor!

Tonight was our first trip into Heroic Naxxramas as a guild. It went very well, and was a lot of fun. I still LOVE my Shaman, and I didn't miss melting faces at all. (Possibly because if I were still a face melter, I'd have been in charge of Mind Control, and really, it isn't my favorite spell. It isn't even on the list of my favorite spells. Basically, I loathe having to MC mobs. MCing players is funny, MCing mobs just makes me die...a lot.)

I ended up pretty high on the healing meters, although I'm sure my overheal percentage was huge. I didn't have that many mana issues, although I went through a few potions, and used a flask for mana regen. I didn't feel gimped in my mix of heroic blues/purples (I still have non-heroic shoulders from Northrend and a trinket from ZA, but everything else is from a heroic, regular Naxx, or badges).

My stats self buffed:
  • 14k health
  • 17k mana
  • 1770 + healing
  • 25% crit
  • 5% haste
  • 300 mp5
I let another resto shaman in the run grab the Shield of Assimilation since my badge shield was better than what he had. And I lost the roll-off for the Valorous Earthshatter Spaulders. But I did pick up the Girdle of Recuperation, so I do have my first piece of 25 man gear.

Emblem of Valor Count: 7.

Not too shabby.

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