Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rather be...anything really

It's 4:10 where I live and I'm stuck in Magistrate Court for an afternoon docket. There's a good reason Mag Court is not so affectionately known as Zoo Court. The Judge looks vaguely like a confused walrus, the Officers chatter like a pack of hyenas, and the defense attorneys are slower than sloths. If you are trying to picture this superimposed on your knowledge of Courtrooms gained from Law and Order, you are thinking of the wrong show. We're much more Night Court.

As I sit here blogging on my BlackBerry (yay for SmartPhones), I can think of many things I'd rather be doing: questing, wiping repeatedly in a raid, researching for inscription recipes, even fishing would be better than this. I love being an Assistant District Attorney a lot of the time, but Tuesday afternoon dockets make getting a rootcanal look appealing.

Back to playing Breakout.

4:45. Score was 1590. I suck at Breakout.

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