Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If they played WoW...

When I first started Law School, I found that my new knowledge permeated into other areas of my life. I could no longer watch Without a Trace on TV without thinking about the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. Law and Order became more about yelling "Hearsay!" at the prosecutors than watching the bad guy get taken down a peg. And, now that I am an ADA myself, I cringe whenever CSI comes up with another almost-instant technique for getting lab results from anything and everything.

World of Warcraft has also broken through into unexpected places. The people I've met through WoW have become very good friends--I talk to several of them outside the game (through gtalk, text messages, and even the occasional phone call) almost every day. But it isn't just the people that have invaded other aspects of my life. When I watch television, read books, or go to the movies I sometimes find myself thinking about what class or race the characters would be. Who would Phoebe from Friends play? A druid of course. A tree druid with a Silver Tabby.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
  • Buffy Summers is obviously a Protection Warrior. She's the main tank, the one who charges into a situation determined to kill the bad guy and protect her friends. And her taunts kick ass.
  • Faith on the other hand is a Mortal Strike Warrior. She's more concerned with damage than survivability, and she's really into PvP.
  • Xander is a Paladin. Although he may not fight as well as others, he's always around to rez Buffy when she dies. And his Blessing of Wisdom keeps her on the right path...most of the time.
  • Willow is a Shadow Priest. She doesn't switch to Shadow Form often, but when she does, watch out for her Mind Flay.
  • Anya is a Warlock. She may not command demons to do her bidding, but she does invite them to her wedding. Just don't summon your Snowshoe Rabbit around her.
  • Oz is a Druid. He can only shift forms once a month, but he's quite the scrapper during the full moon.
  • Angel is a Death Knight. He's been evil, but now he chooses to do good. He feels protective of those he cares about, so he'll tank anything trying to hurt them. Plus, he looks good with a glowing sword.
  • Malcome Reynolds is a Protection Paladin. He's got a /bubble hearth macro, but when it's necessary he can tank whatever comes his way. Just expect him to try to find another way around the problem first.
  • River is a Rogue. She's kinda squishy until you put a big knife in her hand. Then she's just plain scary. Plus, she's all over the Shadow Dance.
  • Jayne is a Dwarf Hunter. He really only cares about where he can find treasure and the size of his gun. But every once in a while, he might do the right thing--probably by accident.
Friendly Contributions
  • MacGyver would be a Paladin. A Paladin with 450 Engineering to be specific. He doesn't have all the right tools, but he makes a hell of an attempt with what he's got. And in a scrap, you want him and his gizmos tanking for you. (Thanks Thren.)

  • Mr. Burns would be an undead warlock... The green slime in under city was caused by his power plant and the mutating energy of the nuclear power gave him his magical abilities. (Thanks Srom.)

Those are just a few of the beloved characters I can see as World of Warcraft toons. But I'm sure I'll continue to think of more.

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