Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mixed Messages

Warning: this is another of those posts that has absolutely nothing to do with WoW.

So I wake up this morning (groggy as can be because even though I meant to go to bed directly after the raid, I didn't) and check the School/Business delays and closing on the website. I knew that there was a possibility that we might be delayed or closed today since I couldn't watch TV last night. (What the hell does that have to do with anything, you ask? No TV signal means the Directv dish has been covered with snow, which is an easier gauge than looking outside only because I'm lazy.) Even though I knew there was a possibility the weather would alter our schedule, I didn't really think it would because our Courts generally follow the School District, and school is already out for Christmas break. The Courts don't always think about that when we have bad weather on a day that kids are already home for other reasons, and usually don't cancel on their own.

So back to the website. I checked it and saw that District Court (where I had no cases for today) is on a 2 hour delay. Ok, not bad. Per "Office Policy," I'm still supposed to be at work at the normal time, but I don't have to be at Court until 10. Then I scroll down further and see that Magistrate Court (not-fondly-at-all referred to as Zoo Court) is canceled. Hmm. This means the two cases I inherited last minute yesterday will be postponed. And "Office Policy" states that when Courts are closed, I don't have to go into the office until 10. So District Court's 2 hour delay means: show up at 8. And Magistrate's closure means: show up at 10.

This situation has not been covered in our intraoffice e-mails. Whatever shall I do? I guess I should shoot for 9?

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