Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Terrible Tuesday?

I am having a day. I'm not sure what kind of day, yet. It may be merely a meh day complete with headshaking and sighing or it may be a horrible day with gnashing of teeth. To help me decide which it is, I am going to give live blogging a try.

5:00 AM Alarm clock begins tweeting. "Dum dum da dum dum da dum." Commence snoozing.

7:00 AM Actually wake up and check my e-mail, websites, and blog. See that court is delayed 2 hours because of snow. Yay.

8:00 AM Leave the house and walk to my car wearing my snuggly coat and new driving gloves. Clean my car windows with my plastic dust pan (best make-shift tool ever) and ice scraper. Drive to work.

9:45 AM Drive my car to Zoo Court. Look for a parking place but only find "Reserved for Court Employee" spaces on the pavement. Drive around the gravel area looking for one and find the one spot of mud thawed enough to get stuck in. Get stuck. Walk through the mud carrying my briefcase. Good thing I wore old boots today instead of nice shoes.

10:15 AM Finish cleaning the worst of the mud off my boots. Commence waiting for Defense Attorneys to arrive.

10:45 AM Defense Attorney arrives and starts talking to his clients. Doesn't start with my cases. Judge gets snippy with Defense Attorney because he interrupts him. Smile.

11:15 AM Discover that I forgot my pen. Borrow one from the court clerk that doesn't work. Sigh.

12:00 PM Continue waiting on my cases to be heard by the Judge because the Defense Attorney has disappeared into a conference area with a client.

1:30 PM Switch courtrooms for the afternoon docket after finally finishing the morning cases next door. Marvel that the Defense Attorney is still interrupting the Judge.

3:00 PM Finish court (finally--but at least it wasn't at 5:30 like last week) and smush my way to my car. My shoes are completely toast. I mean wow. They may have lasted for like 8 years before this, but one day at Zoo Court and bye bye old boots. But with the help of a handy cardboard box leftover from mailing Christmas presents I managed to get my car unstuck. It's really, really muddy, but no longer in the Zoo Court parking lot.

All in all, I'd say it was a Meh day. At least blogging about it kept me from getting into a bad mood and I mostly just laughed at the way things unfolded. Sorry to anyone who read all the way through. I promise not to subject you to another Terrible Tuesday any time soon.

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