Friday, December 12, 2008

Late to the Party

So, you may have noticed by now that the majority of my posts are done late at night, generally after we finish our raid and I log off of WoW. The normal process is to log off of my desktop computer and get ready for bed. Then I fire up the laptop that lives on my nightstand and do a quick post before falling asleep. As someone pointed out, that didn't happen last night.

I logged out of WoW and made preparations to complete the nightly ritual, but the wireless connection was not cooperating and the laptop couldn't reach the internet. It had local access, but the wireless router was having issues. I reset it, but it still didn't really want to work. I decided that I'd wait it out (even though I should have been snoozing already) and took a gander at the games included on my laptop. I haven't really messed with the pre-loaded applications on the laptop much; it's fairly new and I mostly just use it for surfing the internet and playing WoW when I'm out of town.

If you're still caring at this point, I'll just let you know that I will be downloading the Bejeweled mod for WoW tonight. I've resisted up to this point mainly because I've never played Bejeweled before and didn't see the appeal. I spent over an hour matching up colors last night on the laptop instead of sleeping, posting, or researching--three things I should have been doing instead.

My name is Tam, and I'm a Bejeweled-aholic.


  1. NOOO! You've fallen into the Bejeweled trap! ::sigh:: Is there no sanity left in this world?